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S6 Sabretooth Stainless Steel Sifting and Sorting Set

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The Combo Set gives you the best possible performance.  You will be able to sift amd trim your product in to big, medium, and popcorn sizes.  The Sabertooth Sifter is designed to seperate and trim different sizes.  As you bounce the sifter it will seperate, and the leaves will fall off due to the bouncing motion. It is designed for commercial enviornments. It will hold 5 pounds of product at a time for processing.

The Saber Tooth Sifter is made from food quality stainless steel.  The size is 18 inches high.  It is 12 inches wide, and it is 18 inches long.  The sifter is made from stainless steel, that is common in the restaurant and food service industry.  It's high grade quality steel is corrosive resistant, and is metal rating tested. This finish is commonly used for equipment that will come under heavy use and rough handling.

Set Includes:

1 One Inch Sabretooth Sifter

1 Quarter Inch Sabretooth Sifter

4 Extra Large Stainless Steel Trimming Trays

8 Large Stainless Steel Trimming Trays

4 Meduim Stainless Steel Trimming Trays

4 Small Stainless Steel Trimming Trays

1 Stainless Steel Scraper

4 Individual Stainless Steel Sifters

Each Individual Sifter has 4 Different Size Changable Screens