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Puma Trimming Tools


We manufacture trimming tools, that are built in Denver, Colorado.

We provide the best trimming tools in the industry.

With 8 years of experience our tools are built with real world experience and innovation.

Expensive trim machines are no match for our

S6 Sabretooth Stainless Steel Sifting and Sorting Set.

If you are looking to equip your trim room with the latest technology than you need

Puma Trimming Tools.


All our tools are made from premium quality restaurant grade stainless steel.

Our Sabretooth Sfters are made out of #4 polished stainless steel,

and all have stainless steel metal grading tests to ensure the highest quality possible.


We made all our tools out of stainless steel

to comply with the Colorado Department of Health guidelines.

Plastic trimming equipment are porous, and will lead to contamination over time.

Not only is our equipment made from higher grade material,

but our tools will provide for a better quality trim than any machine on the market.


If you have any questions, please call or email