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In-Person Training at Your Facility

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In person training at your facility from Colorado!

We provide consulting, and educational services on using our tools.  We provide multiple consultants for in person education at your facility.  We travel to your facility.  We provide best practice for trimming. 

We have almost a decade of experience in Colorado.

You will be provided the consultants, but will need to provide workers for your facility.  We are not licensed to process the product.  We provide in person training and best practices to setup your staff for success in the Industry.

After selecting our in person training at your facility you will be provided with an option of calendar dates.  This service will provide 1 week of in person training.  Current booking times are 2 months from purchasing this service.

You will receive an email within 24 hours of paying for this service to arrange your calendar dates.  You will need to buy our tools, and we will provide free delivery!  Our tools and equipment must be purchased before training on the equipmet can be booked.

By purchasing this service and these tools you are going to be ahead of your competitors.  We are the number one tool and trimming service in Colorado.  Put our experience to work for you.